Quincy YMCA Women's Basketball League

Season Up-Date

Posted Mon Nov 29, 2010 - 11:42 AM

Sorry for the delay in posting, but this has been a crazy time here at the YMCA with a lot of changes going on. This season of the Quincy Women's Basketball League has been outstanding, with more close games than ever. As players adapt and sharpen their skills, the play has gone up meaning better games.

With the half way point of the season just passed, the standings are as follows:

Kraus 4-0
Smolinsky 4-0
Mahoney 3-1
Shah 2-2
Nichol 2-3
Morrison 1-3
Kabilian 1-3
Mackey 0-5

This means Kraus and Smolinsky are in the driver's seats for the playoffs, with Mahoney not far behind. The next 4 teams will be battling it out for the remaining 3 spots. It should be a great last couple weeks with an exciting slate of playoff games to follow.

Look forward to seeing it all!


Week 4 Results

Posted Thu Nov 11, 2010 - 05:51 AM

Week 4 started off with one of the closest games ever played in the two seasons of league play. Defense was the story of this game with the Shah leading Smolinsky 35 to 31 heading into the final minute of the game. Thanks to heads up playing by guard Stacey Furtado, Smolinsky scored 6 in the final minute to take home the victory. Shah was paced by Alysia Dimuzio, who had 10 points and 8 rebounds. Mary Flaherty had a big game for Smolinsky with 12 points.

The second game pitted Mackey against Nichol. Down by a couple at half, Nichol came out in the second half and used the post to the advantage as they outscored Mackey and won the game 41-24. The Nichol sisters led their team scoring 17 of their teams points. Megan McDonald had 11 for Mackey.

The last game of the night faced Mahoney against Kraus. Though Mahoney played hard the entire way thorugh, they just couldn't stop Kraus from making shots. Bridget led her team in the second half with 13 points, but couldn't make up the deficit they faced at halftime. Kraus was led by the passing of Tiffany Huggins and shooting of Cat Maher, who dropped 27 points with 5 3-pointers.

Game Results So Far

Posted Wed Nov 03, 2010 - 09:02 AM

The first week of games started us off on the right note with some hard fought, close games. The 7:00 games had one of last years semi-finalists Smolinsky versus one of the new teams, Nichol. With some new additions to the team, Smolinsky came out fast and took the lead. Although Smolinsky kept trying to push the pace, Nichol worked off the rust and got into the groove. Though they worked hard to comeback, Smolinksy held on and won 50-30. The second game featured Team Shah against Team Mackey. Shah returned most of the same team from last year, while Mackey was formed around one of the players from last season's individual team. Shah used their large height advantage and 3-point shooting to take this game, 57-34. Mackey improved their play throughout the game and will be a team to look out for in the coming games.

Week 2 saw some of the best games played here yet. The first game had Team Nichol against one of the unknowns, Team Kraus. Kraus came out real hot from the 3 point line and took a big early lead. Nichol played tough the entire game, but couldn't overcome the on point shooting of Kraus and went down 54-26. At 8:00, we had two returning teams from last year, but with some very different make-ups. Team Morrison is back as the champs from last year, but there was a big turnover in their roster. With the new roster learning to mesh, they kept it close, but ultimately fell to Team Smolinsky 39-30. Smolinsky looks strong so far with a good mix of the old and the new. The last game of the night quite possibly was the best league game we have ever had. Both teams, Mahoney & Kabilian, showed off impressive offensive games and were all tied up 53-53 going into overtime. In the end Mahoney pulled it off with some slick shooting and rebounding, with the final being 63-60. Mahoney looks like a much improved team from last year and Team Kabilian, looks ready to make a splash with much of the individual team from last year combined with some new faces.

Week 3 was again a great slate of games. The first squaring off the sharpshooting of Kraus vs. the physicality of Morrison. Though Kraus yet again got amazing 3 point shooting from a couple of their players, they just couldn't pull away. Morrison kept pounding the boards and with some great point guard play, kept up with Kraus. In the end, Kraus just kept hitting dagger after dagger and took the win 65-51. Game 2 pitted Shah vs. Mahoney in a match between similar rosters of last year. The undermanned Mahoney team went down big early thanks to a hot start by Shah, but they battled back and had the lead by halftime. Shah displayed great defense, but Mahoney kept fighting and took the win home 44-39 in a close game. In the last game of the evening, an short handed Mackey team just couldn't fight the height of Kabilian. Kabilian had a huge rebound advantage and took home a big win. Mackey will be looking to get back next week when it has its full compliment of players. Kabilian is looking strong and should be a force throughout the season.

Welcome to Winter 2011 Women's League B-Ball!

Posted Wed Nov 03, 2010 - 08:06 AM

What is going on everyone? Welcome to the website for the South Shore YMCA - Quincy's Women's Basketball League! Here you will find all schedules, scores, standings, statistics, and news about the league. I am new the site and how it is run, so we will be learning together. First thing that you all need to do is register yourself on the site. It is real quick, easy, and free. After that is done I can add all the captains and players to each of the teams. Once this is complete, I can start storing the statistics to be seen by everyone. As you can see right now we have all the teams in there and the standings so feel free to browse the site. There are a lot of untapped features such as team names, team contacts, logos, forums, and photos. I would love to have all these going in the future, so if any of you want to take advantage of them, shoot me an e-mail. All of my contact info is here as well, so if you need to get a hold of me, my numbers and e-mail are there as well. Make sure we get all players registered, so captains or players, if you see that some of your players are missing get on them!

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